Understanding Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a way of converting or processing Human Spoken Language in a way the computer understands. Some of the major Applications of NLP are Text Summarization, Sentiment Analysis, Search and Name Entity Recognition. Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation are challenges in NLP. The best way to perform Natural Language Processing is using Deep Learning Algorithms. Before directly jumping into Deep Learning, it’s better to start with traditional algorithms and then jump into it.

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Ecommerce Data Science Solutions

E-commerce seems simple [ taking order and shipping it ], but there is more. In the age of Data, our every action should be data-driven. In this blog, we will see how Data Science helps to grow e-commerce business by making better data-driven decisions. Just to keep your interest high – you can use data for Product Recommendations, Google-like searches within the Website, Price Strategy using Competitor Analysis, and more.

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Product Recommendation System

How likely are you to buy Candles when you buy a Cake? Very High Right?? We often buy shocks when we buy a new pair of Shoes. This is because shopkeeper recommend us to buy them and yes they are necessary. Is there any way I can implement same system in my E commerce Website and App? Yes you can and this is called a Product Recommendation System. This is Machine Learning System in which you are recommended product without explicitly hard coding.

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