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Congratulations! You are in the right place for transforming your business with Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. It's now the time machine will work for your business! Grow your business with ALPHA TEDS - AI COMPANY OF NEPAL.

Our Services

We play with the data for your sucess!

AI can be applied in businesses to increase productivity and accuracy. It ensures smooth running of business. Alpha Teds solves complex business problems and can add tremendous value to the businesses using Artificial Intelligence tools!

Product Recommendations

Recommend the best product and grow your sales from our service.

Augmented Reality in Nepal

Enhance the User Experience with Augmented Reaility Services.

Sentiment Analysis

Let machine understand and process the word. You don't have to.

Video Survelliance

Add a security with face/object detection service in Nepal.


Now let the bot reply instead of you. 24/7 Service.

Internet of Things

Enjoy IoT Service in Nepal with amazing benefits.

Data Mining

Enjoy Data Mining Service from Us and see the power of data.

ML Powered APPS

Build Mobile Applications using Flutter and Machine Learning.

Business Analytics

Amaze with Business Analytics Service in Nepal.

How Can I use AI in my Business??

Whether you are running a small business or big corporate, your sucess lies on better customer experience. With the use of Datas you can provide overwhelming experience to your users and a topic to talk. It helps to automate your business and reduce working manpowers. Being Top Machine Learning Company in Nepal, we provide any types of business solutions using AI.

AI for Better User Experience

With Machine Learning and AI you can now save the activities of users. It helps to better understand the user needs. You can provide unique user experience by analyzing their sentiments, language translation, personalized experience. You can use it in various ways like finding what product customer loves, notifying the users about product they like, etc.​

AI for Sales and Marketing

With Machine Learning and AI you can automate and increase your sales. Developing a Chatbot, Deploying product Recommendation in Your Websites or Conducting Personalized marketing, you can do these all in automated way with Alpha Teds – Top Machine Learning Company in Nepal.​

AI in Mobile Apps

With AI, now you can provide amazing services for users like voice recognition, face detection, speech to text conservation, which makes their experience using your app much better. It helps to send push notifications to targeted audience, understand the user behavior and recommend them products they may like.​

IoT and Security

AI can be used in IoT as well. From home or office automation, to Security. You can use CCTV Surveillance using AI. You can also provide cyber security using captchas. It helps to detect unusal activities and provide you real time updates. Get worked with us for Security services using Computer Vision and IoT.

AI for Finance

Companies in the financial sector can prevent any occurrences of financial fraud, with the help of machine learning technology. As a best Machine Learning and AI company of Nepal, we can provide fraud detection and unusual activities of user and block them for access. Datas can be used for various purpose like Loan Provision. With AI finance can provide personal finance services as well.​

AI for Transportation

Based on the travel data of Nepal and pattern of traveling across various routes of Nepal (like jams), machine learning can help transportation companies predict there maybe some obstacle in some route, and accordingly guide customers to use a different route. Delivery Service Providers can use this app for providing better solutions.


Alpha Teds is the team of dedicated and experienced AI practitioners. With good ideas on business and technology, we aim to provide BI/AI Services in Nepal. We are hardworking and motivated. As a Leading Machine Learning Comany of Nepal, Our vision is to provide amazing AI Solutions to your business so that you do not need Human Resource, Machine Does it for YOU!​

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