Ecommerce Sales Forecast and Trend Analysis

Project Category

  • Deep Learning
  • Prediction


How easy will it be to make decisions when we know some ideas about future. As it is said History Repeats itself – there are some hidden patterns in Sales which our Trend Analysis System helps to find.

Forecasts help sales ops with territory and quota planning, supply chain with material purchases and production capacity, and sales strategy with channel and partner strategies.

As you know Data is very very important to do any ML or Data Science project. Being leading Data Science Company in Nepal, we know how to get it and store it in way that is useful for your business.


We use RNN(Recurrent Neural Network) to forecast the sales. This takes your past data as a input and predicts the future on the basis of that data.

Timeseries forecasting needs a big data. More the data, more accurate the system.

Technology Stack

  • Django
  • Python
  • Tensorflow – Keras