What is Machine Learning?

When you upload a photo with your friend in Facebook, Facebook auto-tags your friend. When you search on google, it finds the result you are searching for. When you watch some funny videos, YouTube recommends other funny videos to you. If you have ever shopped in Amazon, Amazon recommends similar product you have opened. These all are the examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the concept of making a machine like human. AI is the field of science. It comprises Computer Science, Mathematics, Literature, Linguistics, Robotics and many other fields. Machine Learning is the field of Artificial Intelligence(AI).

So what actually is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning(ML) is the field of Artificial Intelligence which focuses on developing a system that can learn and improve from the experience without explicitly programmed. ML focuses on building a computer program that takes data and uses the data for better decision making by observing, instructing, finding patterns of data etc.

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