Data Science for Business

Data science is art and technology to manipulate data to discover knowledge. Visualization of data is also an important domain under data science. Currently, there are tons of data generated every minute by different tech companies: facebook , google, LinkedIn and youtube are data generation machines to generate a terabyte of data every second. Post of people video from all over the world and websites itself are data for those companies. Data science used those data to discover some knowledge for the organization.

Application of Data Science for Business:

  • Internet Search
  • Digital Advertisement
  • Recommender System

Internet Search

Internet search is an important application of data science. Google, Bing, and Yahoo used data science algorithms like( link analysis, content analysis). When a user type keyword in search engine it retrieves similar content from the server all over the world.

Engine Retrieve Content

Digital Advertisement

Digital advertisement is adv. through digital devices and social media marketing through data science algorithms. eg If you search for a toy in google search You might see add from toy company on facebook, Linkedin, etc. Organizations analyze user data and recommend products accordingly.

Recommender System

The recommendation system is data analysis system that analyzes user data to find user interest. Facebook recommends people may you know, youtube recommends similar video. Amazon recommends similar products.

Recommended System

Above example show youtube recommend similar video of risingstar Nepal.

Career In Nepal

Data Science in Nepal is a highly growing area of study. Currently, Nepal becomes rich in data and need to analyze and visualization. Government and non-government organizations have a huge amount of data. Students of IT and non-IT fields can take professionals to course in data science on different institutes like IIT Nepal. Data analysis and visualization are important for business organizations to find out target customer and corresponding interest.

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